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Privacy Statement


We at Chestnut Tool take your privacy as seriously as our own. We do not sell, trade, give away or make available our list of customers to anyone.

We do not insert cookies, ice cream, coffee or anything else into your computer or keyboard. We feel that is your job. And if you ever get ads, banners or other garbage popping up when visiting our site, I would like to hear about it immediately (, so I can scream at our web host before firing him. I rarely get a chance to rant much anymore.

Nor do we suck anything out of your computer. We have more than enough useless garbage in our own already.

We never enter your credit card numbers into any computer except whatever ones the bank has attached to the other end of our credit card machine. Our credit card machine is hooked to a land telephone line. I write your credit card number down on an index card, and after it goes through the credit card machine, rip it up, run it under a faucet and make a big spitball out of it before throwing it out. The NSA wouldn't even be able to retrieve it when I'm done with it.

We do not run your credit card until after your clamps are packaged, sealed (paid invoice enclosed) and sitting next to the door ready to be hauled to the post office. So even if I have the big one and expire before getting there, you will still get your clamps - probably well before my will is probated, knowing my daughter.

The invoice packaged with your purchase does not have your credit card number on it. The amount on that invoice will match the amount shown on your next bank or credit card statement exactly. We pay the fees associated with credit and debit card transactions , not you.

If you like to pay online, sorry. I do not trust your computer, my own internet computer, the internet, or anti-virus software for credit card transactions myself, and will not get involved with it.

We use your telephone # as our customer order # which does stay in our business computer at my own home, when I remember to ask you for it, until it crashes. That is so I can reach you if your order was delayed or your card didn't work. That computer has never once been on the internet, and the microsoft "secret code" to enable "windows" was obtained over the phone by me, following what eventually became an abusive (by me) conversation with microsoft over its attempt during that call to collect personal information about me.

Again, nothing in that computer is sold, traded or made available to anyone. I don't use the phone # to call you except in the instances noted above. They and your addresses are kept primarily to make filling out repeat orders easier and faster for both of us.

If you are reading this, I applaud you. Below is a link to a youtube video about a relatively new search engine, "Start Page" that allows you to surf the internet anonymously by "proxy", if you choose to,without that individual website being able to see your address or tracking you. But even if you choose not to view individual websites by proxy, Start Page (unlike Google and the rest) does not log your appearance into a database. It is located somewhere in Scandanavia and outside the jurisdiction of US Court warrants anyway. I have no monetary interest in Start Page.



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