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Sept. 24, '06

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine

Personal experiences with both medications



It appears from human " trials " in S. Korea and China which started in February and have continued since (becoming the major part of their standard treatment regimens), that Chloroquine and the newer Hydroxychloroquine are working to eliminate the virus, according to the doctors and hospitals prescribing them. More recently, a small human trial in France reported 100% effectiveness quickly in combination with another medication. I know from personal experience that both Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine are much safer medication than what is being conveyed on the internet by a great many organizations, including the FDA.

As a medic in the 5th Special Forces Group in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in the late 1960's, I took and prescribed Chloroquine/Primaquine (300mg Chloroquine as well as Dapsone) to everyone on my Team weekly as a prophylaxis against Malaria, after an initial loading dose

We all took Chloroquine the entire time in Vietnam, some guys for numerous tours. After receiving my discharge, I went back to Vietnam as a civilian medical technician working under a Department of Defense contract where I took and dispensed Chloroquine to Americans and Third Country Nationals for an additional 2 1/2 years. Millions of servicemen were on Chloroquine for extended periods.

The only side effect I got complaints about was nausea. That was nearly always eliminated by taking it with food and not beer alone.

Now, in March 2020, my daughter takes hydroxychloroquine following a long series of hospitalizations and numerous IV antibiotics for a serious undiagnosed autoimmune disorder that caused continual serious kidney infections and a 30% reduction in body weight.

A rheumatologist eventually prescribed hdroxychloroquine, 300mg a day for my daughter. She has since been taking it daily for about 3 YEARS, meaning her cumulative intake has been approximately 330 grams (330,000 mg), and she has experienced no adverse reactions. One of the rare possible side effects from the hydroxychloroquine is retinal damage, but her eyesight remains 20-15 in both eyes. She has not had a kidney infection or been hospitalized since.

So, we are talking about a prophylactic daily dosage for a small woman taken for over 1,000 consecutive days comparable to the daily dosage administered by S. Korean doctors for only 10 consecutive days as an active Coronavirus treatment that is reportedly working according to S. Korean doctors. The Chinese have been using Chloroquine phosphate - what millions of troops in Vietnam took - as a treatment, which also has been working according to the Chinese doctors.

I will be writing my congressman and senators urging them to get on the ball and get the manufacturers of these medications running around the clock. Geometric progressions such as Coronavirus need to be arrested quickly. If you have time, push your politicians to do the same.

Patients in the US should not be deprived of medications "proven safe" over many decades of worldwide use and the FDA itself, even if they have not yet "proven" them "effective" against the coronavirus that arrived here 3 or 4 weeks ago.

As always, do your own research and treat opinions as opinions. Below is a link to a number of graphs showing the progression of the virus including the outcome of cases, such as "Deaths vs Recoveries". That particular graph is not posted for the US (yet) but is for S. Korea, China, Italy, France and others. After clicking the country of your choice, scroll down the page for the various graphs.

Conoravirus Map

Thank you all. And best of luck.

Jim C

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