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BP Gulf Oil Spill, BP Idiots?

BP Gusher Poisoning the Gulf

Amateur Containment Attempts

Spill Containment Box Design ?



Is the BP Gulf Oil Spill containment as amateur an attempt as it seems - with a containment box design nearly a total sham. Is the BP CEO a blithering idiot, or a genius with some diabolical long term plan that even the most rabidly imaginative of consipiracy theorists could not dream up? Either way, the BP Gusher is poisoning the Gulf.

A 20 second look at the sub-apprentice "method" they are using to attempt cuttng through the broken pipe has reaffirmed just how removed the suits are from anything resembling productive work. It is obvious than none of the decision makers has never used a skill saw, table saw or portable metal cutting saw, nor have they ever experienced a kickback or saw blade jam from any tool in their lives, have never dulled a saw blade or knocked the teeth off one by being stupid. Does no one at BP know how to use a saw?

So all the top experts could come up with is to hold a huge circular saw bade at arm's length for chrissakes, like a structual steel worker holding a Milwaukee metal cutting saw at arms length with one hand and attempting a vertical cut while dangling from a swing.

They have an enormous flat-sided gripper totally immobilizing the pipes in relation to the gripper, and don't use that flat gripper surface as a base for the saw - in effect, turning it into a chop saw like the many millions used daily by carpenters and steel workers world wide.

The Gulf of Mexico, a nursery for much of the world's food, would be in much better hands if a small town farmer, a carpenter, a steel worker, a machinist and a plumber were picked out the phone book to supervise cutting off that pipe and designing a cap for it.

They would be smart enough to use a vacuum or magnetic base to mount the saw to the immense gripper wihich is holding the pipe immobile. The saw would then not flop around, bind in the kerf, jam, kick back, rub rather than cut, strip the teeth off the blade and rob torque and RPM as is happening right now as I write this. The men above all cut and/or improvise things for a living. They manipulate steel, wood, and plastic plastic daily, not words, congress, the senate, and commodity prices.

The dome thing they"tried" certainly dumbfounded me. They had already stated well before constructing the thing that they were afraid the gas would cause ice that would stop up the hole, and that they may need to warm the gasses to prevent this from happening. So why didn't they? Were they looking at the same web cam we were? Wasn't that white bubbly stuff coming out of the TOP of the pipe the gas causing the problem? Since the vast majority of it was on the TOP of the broken pipe, I would assume it would be lighter than the black stuff under it - which I assume was the oil.

So knowing this, why did they make the dome with a little tiny unheated cone on the TOP to which they were going to attach a little tiny hose? Was this Oil Containment Box the design of an idiot? Why didn't they make a box with on open-ended , big, heated pipe on the top to keep it open, and put a big hole with a hose flange on the SIDE down as close to the BOTTOM as possible, to suck up the oil while letting the gas bubble out of the top?

What am I missing here? Why are reporters not asking these simple questions? What principles of physics am I lacking having not the luxury of a college degree and a certified smart certificate? Why did no one pay attention to the Wall Street Journal report that came out a month ago, stating that they thought the spill rate was nearly a million gallons a day?

We have abandoned the educations of our kids, and turned over responsibility for them to our governenment. It teaches them sociology, psychology, spanish, and aftrican studies but little of physics, chemistry, math. Is this because they could come up with an answer that can be actually WRONG when studying Algebra or chemistry and cause permanent psychological brain warts?

Maybe Americans need to actually get back involved in what's going on in this country. Hopefully, one of you out there is a reporter with access to the powers that be, and is willing to ask some of the questions many of us want the answers to. BP claimed right before the "junk shot" that it had a 60-70 percent probablility of success. If so, why was that not the first thing they tried instead of waiting until 40 millions gallons of poison had gushed iinto the Gulf? Was that because they would then have to drill another well?

Get on the ball there reporters. We want some answers.

Thank you.