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Clam Clamp
Miter Clamps
Perfect Miters ......Fast
used for
Clamping Window Casing - Clamping Door Casing
Clamping Crown Molding - Clamping Banded Panels


Trim Carpenters - Finish Carpenters
Cabinet Shops - Architectural Millworkers
MSG Shops - Banded Panel Shops
Picture Miter Clamp Picture;  Clam Clamp

Miter Clamps
are the best way to achieve tight miters. Clam Clamps are the world's best and fastest miter clamps. Specifically designed to simplify, improve and speed the assembly and installation of door casings and window casings, our cam miter clamps achieve perfect miters with one fast, effortless half-turn of the handle. Clam Clamps' unique cam design exerts such pressure on mitre joints that 5 inch wide door casings and window casings can be hauled around by one leg immediately after gluing. You get a perfect glue joint as in glue joint with our miter clamps.

Clam Clamps  completely eliminate the need to face and back-plane mitres.

All door trim and window trim can be pre-cut from stops on saws set at exactly 45 degrees, so all the profile details line up.

Simply put, our mitre clamps increase your profits. They are both assembled and Made in the USA.

And while they are making you more money faster, you are giving your customers superb quality that will last. Payback time for Clam Clamps is measured in hours, not months or years.

The Clam Clamp above is squeezing a 4 1/2 by 5/4 inch oak casing. Rotating the handle one half turn in either direction releases the clamp.

Machined from Stainless Steel and Solid Brass, Clam Clamps are rugged, reliable tools designed to last. Made completely in the US. Rustproof. The short film clips for both Dial Up and Broadband Connections will demonstrate how Clam Clamps operate.

Don't want to continue the "mud bucket shuffle" approach to interior finish work? Read on!

Check out the pros' opinions of Clam Clamps in magazine Miter Clamp Reviews. - FHB & FWW. The text has been re-typed to speed download time and the pricing has been updated to avoid confusion, but the pictures will take a short while to download.

In addition to the streaming video "How Much Pressure", we now have 9 other videos in our Video Index. (No Fees, No Cookies, No Registration). Most have nothing to do with Clam Clamps, but much to do with efficient woodworking techniques.

Here is a Real Player download of "Preview".

Unfortunately, none of these will work with a dial up connection.

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